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CTE Career Counseling Department
PGSD College & Career Technical Institute
Welcome to the PGSD College & Career Technical Institute. Recently our district set out to rethink the typical high school experience. We wanted to start students thinking, as early as elementary school, about careers. Through our Bridge Academies at PGSD, students start taking courses in middle school that introduce them to the 16 National Career Pathways, allow them to take a career interest inventory and help them determine what pathway best suits their interest. In ninth grade they take freshman seminar where they get to tour the CCTI and experience the programs that the PGSD offers and which ones best fit into their chosen career pathway. As the CTE counselor of the CCTI, I am tasked with guiding those students selecting a CTE course that is closely related to their chosen career path and providing an opportunity for them to go to work or college after graduation with a unique advantage over other students that allows them to compete, succeed or advance at a higher level because of specialized training, certifications and special scholarships not available at PHS or GHS. Most of our students CTE programs have a built-in internship through the Bridge Academies where the students get to experience first hand what is required of them for specific jobs, career opportunities and for advancement and/or degree required. This allows students to find out while they are in high school, if this is the path they wish to take in college/career, allowing them to make the change now when the cost to do so is minimal to none. I am present for the duration of their high school experience for guidance and help, as well as throughout their journey to college or career. Below is a list of internships available to our students as well as a list of scholarships available to students of the CCTI as well. Please email or call me anytime if you have any questions/concerns.
Bridge Academy & CCTI Internship Opportunities:
Ingalls Shipbuilder Academy
McDonalds Academy
Singing River Federal Credit Union Academy & in-house SRFCU branch at PHS
Singing River Health System Leadership Academy
Singing River Hospital Certified Nursing Assistant Program
PGSD Teacher Assistant Academy
Serco Engineering Academy
M&M Bank Academy
PGSD FabLab Academy
Airmasters Mechanical Academy
Coastal Cafe' Academy
Jackson County Engineering Academy
White Spunner Construction Academy
Fine Arts Academy
Career Coach Link: (unsure about your future, this link will help get you thinking about potential career interests and degrees associated with them)
William Carey University Teacher Academy Scholarship 
Derek C. Read
Career Academy Specialist, CTE Counselor, Dean of Workforce Education, Internship Coordinator
Pascagoula-Gautier College & Career Technical Institute
(office) 228-938-6581 - (cell) 228-731-0498