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College and Career Technical Institute

CCTI Virtual Learning Procedures

In an effort to keep students on track in their classes the following procedures should be followed if your student becomes quarantined:

  •  On the day he/she is quarantined he/she will need to email each of his/her teachers to inform them of the situation. If the student is too ill, the parent/guardian should email the teachers.  
  • Students must check their emails several times throughout the day and log into every class every day.  Attendance will be taken.
  • There will be times when the student may see a blank board instead of the teacher. During these times, the student should listen to the instructions given by the teacher or discussion taking place and take notes. There will also be times when teachers will assign activities for students to complete independently in Canvas.
  • If your student is too ill to log into Canvas, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to notify the teacher via email. The teachers are recording their classes, so the student will be able to watch the lessons and complete the assignments after they are feeling better. 

Please be patient as everyone is learning this new process. Stay in communication with the teachers, counselors, and administrators. We will continue to refine and improve the process. Thank you so much for being so supportive! 


CCTI Administration and Staff

Student checklist:

  • Login into your Chromebook
  • Open Canvas
  • Open the Google Meet link for each class at the correct time.
  • You MUST log in within FIVE minutes of the beginning of each class period to be counted present for that class. YES, attendance is recorded for each class. You must stay logged in for the entire class period with your face on the screen, paying attention.
  • Split the screen so you can see any handouts available that accompany the lesson (Ex. bellwork)
  • To split the screen, click on the tab and drag the page to the right.
  • Remember, you MUST remain online each class period for the duration of that class period.
  • If you have questions during the class period on Google Meet, there is a “Raise Hand” button at the bottom of the screen. Press it for a question alert, and the teacher will answer as soon as they can 
  • PLEASE remember that this is a NEW learning experience for all of us, teachers and students. We will get through this process TOGETHER!
  • As always, you can email your teacher, counselor, and/or administration with any questions. 
  • Communication is critical throughout this entire process. Do not be afraid to reach out for any reason! 

GHS Counselors

Mr. Edwards


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Mrs. Rogers


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Dr. Davis


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PHS Counselors

Mrs. Woods


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Dr. Ross


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Ms. K. Ross


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Mr. Read


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Dr. Engle

Asst. Director

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Dr. Jones

Student Services

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Mrs. Bustin

Student Services

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