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Architecture and Drafting

Architectural Design & Drafting


Architecture and Drafting is a pathway into careers such adrafts Engineering, Architecture, Shipbuilding, and

Construction. This program allows each student the opportunity to produce workable drawings on the drawing board and with the computer. Drafting is a two-year program with year one focusing on the foundational skills of drafting and the use of AutoCAD software, and year two focuses on the production of residential house plans. Upon successful completion of the

program, students will be qualified for an entry-level drafting or related position or may pursue postsecondary education. Skills developed through the course of study assist students in meeting requirements for drafting certifications. Students are provided the opportunity to participate in career and technical student organizations, including SkillsUSA and the National Association of Women in Construction “NAWIC Design Drafting competition”.


Industry Certification

An industry-recognized certification is available through the American Design Drafting Association “ADDA”