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Ingalls Maritime Academy

All CCTI students that have completed 2 years of a program are eligible to enroll in the Ingalls  High School Maritime Academy at the Haley Reeves Barbour Maritime Building in Pascagoula.   

The Ingalls Shipbuilding Academy is a program designed to allow seniors to learn and develop knowledge in a variety of skills related to shipbuilding including ship construction and structure, carpentry, welding, sheet metal, along with many others.  Ingalls reserves many of their Apprenticeship Program positions for the students who complete their Shipbuilding Academy.  These apprentice positions allow students to begin employment immediately after graduation, is they so desire.     

At the completion of the 2019-2020 school year, 33 students in the maritime academy were offered  full-time positions at Ingalls. 

Students attend first block each day at the academy. fkdglaejg


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